How to Train Your Mind Monkey and Invent Your Way Out of the Apocalypse

How to train your mind monkey and invent your way out of the apocalypse by Mike Gilliland of Future Thinkers

How to Train Your Mind Monkey and Invent Your Way Out of the Apocalypse

The concept of bravery has come up in conversation a lot in recent weeks. I’ve been reconnecting with a friend and discussing life and our wins and losses over the years.

We talked about what it feels like to fail and continue slogging on through the regret and fear that comes with failure. She told me that she thought my partner Euvie and I were brave for doing what we were doing over the last four years: traveling Southeast Asia, with no safety net, while building online startups. I’d never thought of it as brave (maybe a little stupid). But when I think back to who I was before I left Canada, the gigantic mess that I was in, and what I’ve been attempting to do lately, I can see her point.

This is my story of how I hit rock bottom and used meditation to dig myself out the other side.

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Mike is a Futurist, Entrepreneur, Psychonaut, and Podcaster at, a writer at, cofounder of Plovdiv.Digital, and a designer at Mike has been a digital nomad and lived and worked in 6 countries. He is also the designer of The Cutting Machinery Meditation App. He's a supporter of basic income, sustainable living, and he plays the drums.

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