Video: In Search of Transcendence – Deep Breath #2

Do you ever wonder why we’re here? Where we’re going? For thousands of years people have been seeking transcendence through altered states of consciousness. Practices like meditation have helped to find answers to some of these questions.

It is more important than ever to look within. To reach for a deeper understanding. To lift the veil from our eyes. To open ourselves up to the insights that come from transcendent states of consciousness.

To find out what is holding you back from advancing your meditation practice, take the meditation quiz.

Mike is a Futurist, Entrepreneur, Psychonaut, and Podcaster at, a writer at, cofounder of Plovdiv.Digital, and a designer at Mike has been a digital nomad and lived and worked in 6 countries. He is also the designer of The Cutting Machinery Meditation App. He's a supporter of basic income, sustainable living, and he plays the drums.

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