Cutting Machinery Meditation App FAQ’s

Will this app get me enlightened?

Just like a fitness app cannot promise to make you an Olympic champion, this app cannot promise to get you enlightened. This app is a tool that can help you do the heavy-lifting work on the path to enlightenment. It provides the structure and information, but you are the one who will have to do the hard work.

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What should I do before using the app?

We recommend that you close all the other apps and turn off notifications on your device. You may want to put your phone on airplane mode. This is for two reasons: it will help the app run more smoothly and reduce the chance of bugs or audio issues, and it will also reduce distraction while you are meditating. To prepare for meditation, follow the “Pre-Flight Instructions” lecture in the sidebar of the app.

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Should I use Native or Non-Native (HTML) audio?

Native audio is normally selected by default. For most phones, native audio works best. If for some reason it doesn’t work, try de-selecting it under the Settings, which will activate HTML audio. The engine for HTML audio is not perfect; there will be a delay in playing each file, and there might be crackles in the audio. Usually when you play the audio the second time, the crackles should go away. Closing all other apps can help improve HTML audio performance.

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How do I meditate / sit / choose a mantra?

Use the “Posture” lecture in the sidebar for instructions on how to sit. Use the “How to Meditate” lecture for instruction on meditating and choosing a mantra. You can also turn on instructions when you start a session.

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Can I make it so there is a bell at the end of each phase?

Yes. When you select a break that is 10 seconds or longer, there will be a bell at the end of each phase. When the break time is less than 10 seconds, there will be no bell at the end. There is always a bell at the beginning of the phase.

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How are unlocks calculated?

Unlocks are calculated based on the total number of sessions a user has completed, not based on streaks.

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I was one of the early users of the app. Did the order of unlockable lectures change?

Yes. We switched the order of the “Posture” lecture (which is now under starting content) with the other lecture (which is now under unlockable content).

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How can I reset my password?

Click the “Forgot my password” link on the login screen of the app. Enter your email and click “reset password”. You will receive an email from Ionic with a password reset token. Copy the token, come back to the app, and paste it into the field. You will now be able to change your password, and then login.

If you used a third party service like Google or Twitter to login to the app and you cannot login, please contact us.

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I am using the app on a tablet and it looks weird / doesn’t work. What can I do?

The app is not currently designed to be used on a tablet or any other device other than a smartphone. Try installing it on your smartphone for better user experience. In the future, we will be releasing a tablet-friendly version.

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Do you collect any user data?

Yes. We collect the usernames and / or emails that users sign up with so that we can help you recover your password and provide other customer support. We also track usage data, so we can give you access to unlocked lectures. We will not share or sell any of this information to third parties.

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How can I send a bug report? What information does the app collect when I send it?

You can send a bug report by going into Settings in the sidebar of the app. When you send a report, we will see the following information: your email or username you logged in with, your phone’s manufacturer and model (For example, Apple iPhone 6), and the operating system you use (for example, iOS 10). We will not see your phone’s unique IDs or user data. We will not share or sell any of this information to third parties; it will only be used to improve the app.

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Who are the creators of the app?

Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova from Future Thinkers / Giant Supernova created the Cutting Machinery Meditation app in collaboration with Vinay Gupta. Mike and Euvie do not claim to be enlightened.

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Where can I learn more about Vinay Gupta and his life and work?

Vinay Gupta is the teacher and the voice in the Cutting Machinery Meditation app. He is a long-time meditator, disaster relief consultant, inventor of the Hexayurt, and cryptography technologist. He became enlightened in 1998 and has been privately guiding students on their path to enlightenment since then.

The Cutting Machinery Meditation app was made using Vinay Gupta’s voice, his meditation method, and his philosophy. Vinay does not financially profit from the sales of this app at his own request.

To learn more about Vinay’s work, check out and

We also recommend that you listen to the 5 Vinay Gupta interviews on the Future Thinkers Podcast.

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