Being Pubescent in Meditation

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“Breathe dude, breathe”

“Quiet brain, I am in the middle of something here”

Granted, its sound advice given the circumstances of being human and all, however I am currently immersed in the final phase of the meditation practice (Emotions), and I don’t want any distractions, even life-sustaining mental ones…

The chime sounds and its time to come out of the practice, settle the ship and reflect. Its been a deep plunge through a resilient, decade long mental conversation that is driven by what I suspect to be unacknowledged emotions. I am feeling good about this long overdue dive straight into the emotions behind this particular mental chatter and confident I have completed my journey, I set off, keen to act on this newly gained perspective.

I am excited, I am empowered, I am meditated, I am…

… premature.

Shit. Puberty all over again.

So what happened?

I identified the chatter, felt the emotions behind them, analysed, understood, drew a conclusion and acted. So what gives?

I remembered listening to Mike on Future Thinkers Podcast episode 27 (26 min 30 second mark) talk about this same process, about attaining mediative insights and answers that had come up which he then tested in the outside world and found they were accurate and worked. I thought I was repeating this process. Walking the path others have made before me, relating to this cool insightful dude on the other side of the world, hell I was just an Aussie version of Mike!

Yeah no.

So after drinking a cup of reality it was time to go back in and figure it out.

Sure enough it didn’t take long to figure out what the problem was.

I didn’t go all the way through.

Yes I had identified the mental chatter and tuned into the emotional signal that was the emitting the data, but I certainly had not discovered the source code.

Inexperience, hastiness, impatience, too eager to tick another box on the enlightenment to-do list, who knows, maybe all of the above. Regardless, I was confident I was tuned into the right frequency, had read the entire message and certain the last word was “OUT”, (which in radio speak means end of transmission). The reality was different. Wrong frequency, wrong message and wrong final word (it should have been “OVER”, meaning more to come).

So what was the lesson learnt?

Don’t act on the emotions coming up through the practice, they are merely the intermediary between the mental noise and the actual source and origin within that needs identifying. Think of emotions as more like sensors, picking up internal energy, motivation, drives, conflict etc. and sending this data in the form of feelings and emotions to your mind which then processes this into mental chatter (and if you have a mind like mine, it has a monkey within that likes to continuously hit the repeat button).

We need to dive past or through our emotions and find the reason, logic, or whatever else it might be lying beneath. We might even find there is no action to be taken or no right to be wrong, just a better understanding of something that we’ve have been carrying around all this time.

Whatever the case, don’t stop until you get through to the other side, just keep diving….

…but remember to breathe

It helps!


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